Conceptual Astronomy


UNC-Greensboro’s iSchool program enrolled more than a thousand high school students across North Carolina for the  Spring, 2011 semester and needed web-based courses to fulfill new state guidelines focused on the delivery of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. One of the proposed courses was Conceptual Astronomy, an existing course offered to face-to-face students on UNCG’s campus, which lacked an online component and was not designed for high school students with limited math skills.


Brook partnered with the professor teaching the original, face-to-face course to adapt and structure his content for a dynamic and interactive online course. He oversaw development of step-by-step learning objects that guided students through the mathematical equations used frequently in Astronomy, partnering with two additional content experts to create scripted videos and screencasts providing detailed instruction. He then led a five-person development team to bring the curriculum to life through a web-based learning area that connected each learning object with a larger course narrative, told through dynamic multimedia pieces and interactive elements.


Hundreds of students signed up and completed the course during its initial offering, successfully engaging with all of the learning objects and interactive elements. Brook provided ongoing support to instructors during the initial offering, and later helped adapt the online version for delivery to UNCG students taking the course for summer session credit.

To learn more about the course, watch the student tutorial for the course in the video above or view the photos below for screenshots from the  learning area.