Contemporary Issues in Social Sciences


UNC-Greensboro’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program added a new social sciences concentration, and needed a flagship course delivered online that would introduce students to all seven social sciences disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences. The proposed course required an interdisciplinary approach, with a different professor providing content for each unit.


Brook led a five-person development team to create a web-based course that equally balanced the seven disciplines and the perspectives of each. He designed a unified case study and final project that required students to view the same problem through the lens of each of the social science disciplines. Brook then worked directly with all seven faculty members to develop content that assessments that supported the course learning outcomes, storyboarding multimedia learning objects and scripting a series of instructional videos that introduced students to each of the disciplines.


The course’s web-based learning area established a consistent design, format, and voice to tie together the various disciplines, each of which had its own, self-contained unit that followed the same pattern of instruction and assessment.  All seven faculty were given a presence in the course through the scripted instructional videos. Students connected with one another and discussed the material with the instructor through a private Facebook group. The course has been offered continuously since its initial Fall, 2011 session, with positive student and instructor feedback.

To learn more about the project, watch the course tutorial above, view the course’s intro video below, or browse through the gallery of screenshots below to see how students navigated and interacted with the online learning area.