UNCG Nonprofit Management

UNCG's Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

The main tagline and image for an integrated campaign promoting UNCG’s Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management.


UNC-Greensboro’s Master’s in Public Affairs program had recently begun offering a graduate certificate in non profit management, offered online. Yet the department had only an outdated brochure to promote the new certificate and had generated little awareness beyond existing UNCG students. To make the program sustainable, the department needed to connect with working professionals looking to advance or transition into a career leading nonprofit organizations.


Brook worked on a three-person team that analyzed surveys of existing students taking nonprofit management courses, identifying their demographics, career experience, and motivation to enroll in the program. The team identified a new creative strategy focused on linking the professional skills taught in the graduate certificate courses with the impact those skills can make in helping people locally. This strategy took into account the average age and experience of current students, many of whom had worked in local nonprofit organizations but were seeking to make a bigger difference in an organization close to home.


Brook wrote and co-designed a new program brochure, with copy that tied directed into the creative strategy. The main “Impact My Community for Good” tagline was integrated into a series of web banners and social media ads promoting the program online. Brook also wrote copy for a radio ad that aired in all major North Carolina markets and steered prospective students to a custom landing page where they could download the brochure and gain more info. The brochure became a template used by all online programs marketed through UNCG’s Office of Online Learning.




Listen to radio ad below.